We concentrate on finding the tone of your piece or production using recorded or original music effects and design elements.

Let us know your needs and we'll provide the advice to get your space sounding exactly how you'd like it. 

We can provide staffing for your production from load-in to mixing to teleconferencing technical support.

Sound Affects Design can provide you with the perfect equipment for your event or production at competitive rates. 





Sound Design & CONSULTATION foR  Theatrical and commercial productions & EVENTS
  • Whether it's a wedding, recital or Broadway show... sound matters.
  • SOUND AFFECTS DESIGN is committed to providing you with responsible solutions to your audio needs, creating peak experiences for your audiences and clients and supporting your production from every audio angle.
  • In addition to working with professional technicians and personal technical support, your involvement with us gives back to the community. 
  • 10% of annual profits are donated to N.A.D., National Association for the Deaf.​
  • Let us know today how we can help your production or event.